To begin, the most important aspect of winemaking is to focus on the details -
sorting, gentle processing & tight temperature control.


Sourcing, growing & managing the best fruit in the vineyard is where it all begins. It is an attention to detail that results in Chateau Bu-De grapes being given the best treatment. Brian Dickerson, the vineyard manager, has resulted in higher quality fruit from Bohemia Manor Farm™.


Managing all of the fermentations is the key to optimizing exceptional components from the fruit. Whether it is the aromatics of a Sauvignon Blanc, the mid-palate weight of the Grüner Veltliner or the structure of the Cabernet Franc, in each of these situations there are things manipulated that change what is being focusing on. The simplistic dichotomy is cold verse hot & fruit verse weight/mid-palate.


Chateau Bu-De is leading the charge on the East Coast to make ripe, balanced, mature wines that showcase the best of what can be done from our region. Some grapes are sourced from some of the best in the area & from California (Stagecoach and Beckstoffer), to bring wines of exceptional quality to the Bohemia Manor Farm™.